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Nuffield Research Placement Week 3 and 4

The Nuffield Placement students after the end of their final presentation. From left to right: Sirma (graduate assistant), Carrie (Nuffield Placement Student), Ade (Nuffield Placement Student), Victor (PhD researcher).


The final two weeks of the placement consisted of processing data and putting together and practicing our presentation. In order to process the data we had to carry out manipulation checks which included isolating different variables such as demographics and mental health factors, as well as seeing whether there was significant difference in these factors between groups, which if there was, could act as a confounding variable. We also carried out a manipulation check in order to see whether the participants were significantly affected by the Trauma Film Paradigm used, which we found that they were. Lastly, we processed the data in order to see which conditions significantly reduced the number of flashbacks in the participants. After analyzing the data, we found that Sea Hero Quest significantly reduced the number of flashbacks that occurred after trauma but Tetris and control did not. We then included the findings from our statistical analyses in our final presentation. Before presenting my research I was really nervous but the presentation went well as we had rehearsed it a lot and the staff and students at UCL acted as a great audience and gave us some good constructive criticism whilst maintaining a welcoming and friendly environment.

Thank you to Victor and Sirma for having us! I have had a great time and the experience has been invaluable!'


On Monday from the third week of the placement, we once again helped test the participants. As we have had plenty of practice over the past few weeks, explaining things to the participants came naturally. We also looked for my more literature for our presentation and lab report. On Wednesday and Thursday, we organised our introduction and discussion so as to make them more comprehensive for when we write out the information in our presentations and lab reports. On Friday, we continued organizing the structure of the introduction as well as ensuring all of the information we had accumulated was actually factual by cross-checking references.

On Tuesday from the final week, we started on our introduction for the PowerPoint with Sirma helping us along the way. We analysed the results (e.g. recording the number of males and females we had in the study, taking their mean age etc). On Wednesday, we continued with modifying our presentation as well as assigning which parts we would have to test. On Thursday, we practiced our presentation for the whole day making sure that each slide made sense and could be connected to the next. On Friday, we presented our presentation. I found this quite nerve wracking but the fact that I knew what I was talking about helped with said nerves. In doing this, I learned how to be more confident whilst talking in front of people.